Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spurs Too? 
Spurs Too is a facility that was specifically designed to bring together a group of people whose common interest is dancing. It's features include a non-smoking, air- conditioned  enviroment, a large wooden dance floor, and a small seating area for socializing or just resting in between dances.

What is the environment like? 
Friendly and comfortable. 

What are the people like? 
There is a group of "regulars" at Spurs Too. They are a friendly group, from all over mid-Michigan. There is a wide variety in age range, married or single, etc. One thing they all have in common is that they love to dance and they love to welcome new dancers!! 

Is it a bar? 
No. Spurs Too is not a bar and does not serve food or alcohol. Water is provided. Pop and popcorn are available for a small fee 

Can I bring food and drink? 
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own snacks and beverages. 

I would never go to a bar by myself. Is it ok if I go by myself? Will I feel safe? 
Definitely! The crowd at Spurs Too is very welcoming to new faces and there are a number of people that come alone. 

Is there a live band? 
No, all music is provided by your hostess, Holly. 

Do I have to have a dance partner? 
No. Line dancing does not require a partner. While partner and couple dances do need partners, there are often other people at the club that you can dance with. 

What kind of music do they dance to? 
Everything!! We play to a variety of different music such as Country, Pop, Oldies, and Latin.

Do I have to wear western outfits with fringe? 
No. Very few people wear "traditional" country western clothing anymore - jeans and t-shirts are common attire on the dance floor. 

Do I have to wear boots? 
No. Wear shoes that are comfortable, that will easily stay on your feet (sandals are not a good idea) and shoes with smooth bottoms (not tennis shoes) are usually best. You want to be able to move easily across a wooden floor without sticking to the floor or losing a shoe - both of which could be dangerous to you. 

What if I don't know how to dance? 
It's never too late to learn! Come and check us out on the weekend and see what it is all about. Check out the lesson page for more information on class schedules. 

Don't let your questions stop you from having a great time!! I've tried to identify some questions that are frequently asked. Feel free to email me with more and I'll get the answers back to you!  


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